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In order to facilitate an end-to-end process throughout the life cycle of the hardware, Global Guardian will offer Trusted Warranty services.  These services will provide for the installation of trusted components for any trusted component that fails during its warranted life cycle period.  Global Guardian will perform all resolution activities with U.S. citizens and will have the ability to arrange for cleared resources.

Random testing of inbound trusted components and parts will be performed in order to maintain an adequate volume of replacement parts.  Warranty services can be provided to meet any customer’s service level objectives and will start with Next Business Day (NBD). 

Standards compliance and environmental liability weighs heavily on every company and their business.  The information on a company’s Information Technology devices may contain personal information; include proprietary data and other sensitive data that must not fall into the wrong hands. As an added benefit, we also offer complete disposal services.  Global Guardian offers data destruction solution services that meet all U.S. accepted standards and are Department of Defense (DoD) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) compliant.  Our customers will receive both a Settlement Report and a “Certificate of Destruction” documenting the auditable destruction process.

Global Guardian has partnered with leading industry organizations to support our customers with their warranty and data destruction needs and to provide the greatest level of technical support, data security and flexibility.

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