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Global Guardian, LLC offers an end-to-end solution for supply chain management to IT manufacturers, highly-regulated industries, critical infrastructure and private industry organizations.  This proprietary suite of services begins with a customized secure purchase process. 

Targeted component tracking and testing begins at the Original Component Manufacturers (OCM) or suppliers.  Our sourcing partners are current suppliers of products to IT Original Equipment Manufacturers.  The partners maintain a supplier network and direct relationships all over the world and provide the targeted components and products necessary for the Trusted Provenance process, including: memory, hard drives, video cards, network cards, processors, and an array of other products. Custody of the targeted components and systems are secured until they are delivered to the customer.


Customers will receive units which contain system components have been thoroughly tested against specifications and tracked throughout the supply chain.  A package of system specific documented hardware, software and firmware integrity test results, verified chain of custody, authenticity and quality artifacts is available to Trusted Provenance customers.

Global Guardian uses a best-of-breed encryption solution to provide cloud data integrity for customers with sensitive data requirements.

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