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Global Guardian, LLC has developed a “menu” of approaches designed to meet the unique needs of our customers.  Flexibility is built into our model from the ground up and the level of pre-planning allows us to effectively meet a range of requirements without restructuring or retooling.  All of the Trusted Integration services are performed by U.S. citizens and as with the Trusted Provenance framework; Global Guardian uses a best-of-breed encryption solution to provide cloud data integrity for customers with sensitive data requirements.

Trusted Integration encompasses post manufacturing services and capabilities including desktop, notebook, workstation and server integration and assembly services that will complement existing Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) services. Global Guardian offers a wide variety of services under Trusted Integration services and Trusted Provenance.  The services under Trusted Integration services will include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Personal Computer Storage and Management -  receipt of client product into the building, for storage and managment.
  2. Server Storage and Management - storage of customer servers for it's storage and managment.
  3. Peripherals Storage and Management - includes receiving peripherals, including software, into the building, storing and managing it to the customer
  4. Ancillaries - the placement of items like headphones, cables and typically smaller products into the box prior to shipment
  5. Asset Identification Tagging - is the asset tagging with either customer or Trusted Consulting providing the labels for the service
  6. Hardware Configuration - installing  hardware devices, like a video card or memory, into the desktop, notebook or server
  7. Document Addition/Deletion - adding to or removing documentation from the computer/notebook/server box
  8. Stuffing - the packaging of additional items with the box, like speakers or some other accessory
  9. Merging -- consolidating different items onto a pallet for shipping
  10. Image Assignment - the application of a customer image to an IT device
  11. Configuration -- this service covers most types of OS configuration, including BIOS settings, etc
  12. Storage - a per unit, per month storage fee for IT systems and devices
  13. Expedite - expediting, usually the same day, the handling and labor of an IT system or device
  14. MAC Retention- this is designed to capture the media access control (MAC) address of a system
  15. Box Label - providing and applying a custom box label
  16. Hardware Install/Uninstall - installing or uninstalling a piece of hardware
  17. BIOS Configuration - configuring a BIOS based on customer requirements
  18. Rack Build – the pre-population of IT racks with equipment such as: severs, switches, storage devices and UPS equipment.  Services to include all necessary, wiring, cabling and labeling.  Server and storage builds can be provided

Each of these services will be offered as a stand alone service or in combination with our Trusted Provenance capability and Trusted Warranty services as part of our overall solution.

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