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Global Guardian, LLC offers diverse capability and solutions including Trusted Provenance, Trusted Integration and Trusted Warranty. These end-to-end solutions have been developed through over 70 years of Information Technology (IT) industry experience, extensive industry related subject matter experts and an array of strategic partners.   Global Guardian has leveraged strategic partnerships across a range of industries and these strategic alliances have enabled the company to provide solutions to address wide-ranging challenges across the market space.                                                

Trusted Provenance provides a scalable solution that is independent of any specific vendor technology and therefore, easily updated when new, more efficient or more secure technologies become available.  Essentially we have developed a solution that includes an electronic and physical chain of custody for select high risk "targeted" components within the IT environment. IT governance and business assurance decisions are supported by the supply chain transparency as well as testing and verification documentation. Global Guardian has implemented mechanisms to verify product code against manufacturer's specifications, thus, putting controls in place to detect counterfeits and malware.




Global Guardian offers processes of IT components through the supply chain and supports integrity processes throughout the life cycle. Trusted Warranty will be an integral part of the Trusted Provenance offering. Trusted Warranty services will also be available and will apply to all components that have been through our Trusted Provenance offering.

Trusted Integration encompasses post manufacturing services and capabilities including desktop, notebook, workstation and server integration and assembly services. Global Guardian offers a wide variety of services under Trusted Integration services and Trusted Provenance. The following list yields a general outline of the services to be provided:

  • Secure purchasing (Request for Proposal review and analysis / Contract review and analysis)
  • Application of asset identification tag or unique identification label
  • Customized hardware and software configurations
  • Image assignment (Customer specific Operating System and Applications)
  • Customer specific basic input/output system (BIOS) settings
  • Availability of on-line documentation for customer authentication
  • Customized shipping integration services
  • Service-ready racks complete with equipment and labeled connections
  • Secure disposal, including hard drives and processors
  • Warranty break-fix services

All of the above services are performed by U.S. citizens. Also, system verification and sanitization processes are performed within the continental United States. Each solution includes controls to protect sensitive customer data. This suite of services provides substantial value to customers in highly-regulated industries or those with market demands for IT integrity and security.

Our capability meets or exceeds current best practices and correlates with emerging standards for Custom-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) integrity controls in order to ensure that both the integrity and security of a customer's supply chain are maintained. Additionally, the process minimizes unacceptable levels of product risk to the customer.

As an integral part of the framework, the company maintains an IT system that is warehoused on U.S. soil and is maintained at all levels by U.S. citizens.

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